• Dr. Stephanie Paiva, D.C.

Chiropractic during Pregnancy

By: Dr. Stephanie Paiva, D.C.

As an expecting Mom-to-be, I can personally vouch for all the ways your body will change during pregnancy! Our bodies are these amazing machines that can undergo so much with the changing of our bodies, swelling limbs, and aching low back, but then in the end we receive this gorgeous little miracle that steals our hearts away. This baby makes the previous months of waddling around, trying to catch your breath, and getting jabbed in the ribs with a little foot worth it. What if I can tell you, there is a way to help with some of those aches and pains that come with body changes during pregnancy? CHIROPRACTIC!

First, I want to start by telling you that Chiropractic care during pregnancy is extremely safe and gentle for mom and for baby! Webster technique is a specifically designed adjusting method to help balance the joints, muscles, and ligaments in the pelvis to create more room for baby. This allows baby to have more room to turn head down and be in optimal position for birth. Getting adjusted during pregnancy can help a variety of conditions such as low back pain, hip pain, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Piriformis syndrome (pain deep in the glute going down to your knee), Sciatica (pain in the low back shooting down to your feet), Pubic Symphysis pain (pain in the groin), and Round Ligament Pain (sharp pain in the abdomen especially on sudden movement). Those sound like a lot of big scary words, but I promise you that your Doctor will take time to walk you through each diagnosis and how to treat it quickly and efficiently.

Webster technique is very gentle on Mom. When you are pregnant you have a hormone flowing through your system called Relaxin. This is the hormone that allows your pelvic ligaments to stretch wider to allow baby to be born. It also means that now that you are pregnant it is easy for you to stretch too far and accidently hurt yourself, so be careful and take all stretching SLOW. Because of the Relaxin hormone, it doesn’t take much pressure or force to adjust you while pregnant. You will actually feel that the less pressure the better!

Personally, I have been feeling a lot of low back pain specifically around my SI joints since I’ve been pregnant. It causes me a lot of tightness when I’m up walking around for long periods of time, or bent over working on another patient. To help loosen this up and get me back to 100%, I go get adjusted by another Doc once a week, and this has helped me keep going treating all of my patients!

If you are interested in learning more about Webster Technique and how Chiropractic can help Mom’s and babies, go to This website can help show you more benefits of chiropractic care, research articles, or help find a Chiropractor near you!


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