• Dr. Stephanie Paiva, D.C.

The Importance of Adjustments PLUS Muscle Work

By: Dr. Stephanie Paiva, D.C.

I had a patient today that commented on how much more in depth I go during my appointments than other Chiropractors she previously went to. When I asked her what she meant, she said, “Well at most other places I am in and out in 10 minutes, and all I do is get my back popped or sit on a TENS unit for a bit. You do muscle work, exercises, adjust me, and whatever else I need at that appointment.”

Many people go to a Chiropractor looking for a quick fix, a quick pop to make everything feel better. Sometimes that is okay, but usually that leaves the patient coming in with the same issue over and over. If you want a long lasting fix, you not only need the adjustment, but you need to work on the muscles that are pulling on those segments that we just adjusted. If I have someone coming in for low back pain over and over, one of the most common complaints to walk into a Chiropractic office, you need to ask yourself “why does this area keep hurting me?” Typically it is because the muscles in the surrounding area, the core, aren’t strong enough to protect the low back and allow the spine to move as it needs to. Over time the same muscles get tight, spasm, and then fatigue trying to protect the spine and your normal every day motions. THAT is why Chiropractic AND muscle work need to go hand in hand. This means you may spend longer in an appointment, but we are going to focus on getting rid of your pain, and keeping it away!

You may be coming in for an adjustment for your low back pain, but be prepared to MOVE. Muscles and joints respond faster and better to care when they work in conjunction together.

Time to get on the floor and work on that core!!!


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