My Services:

The New Patient Exam INCLUDES a detailed personal and family history, a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam and a report of findings.

Exam: $25

Appointment includes a hypervoldt vibration massage, muscle work, an adjustment, and a personalized rehab exercise protocol.

Adult: $75
Pediatric (12 or under): $25
Please call for mobile visit prices

An existing patient appointment will be any appointment following the initial visit (without any new injury or condition to do a re-exam on). This includes the hypervoldt vibration massage and adjustment. **

Adult: $55
Pediatric (12 or under):$30
Please call for mobile pricing

**This does not include the cost of additional modalities such as rehab exercises, FAKTR, Dynamic tape, or Cupping.


Accepted forms of payment:

Cash, Card, Venmo, Check, HSA


No longer accepting New Patients

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FAKTR stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab. This instrument assisted soft tissue work helps bring blood flow to the area, speed healing time, and decrease pain.  Dr. Stephanie has been certified to perform this technique through Southeast Sports Seminars.

faktr tools.jpg

E-stim stands for electrical stimulation. Small sticky pads are placed over the area of pain and small electrical currents will stimulate the nerves to contract and relax the muscles very quickly. This causes the muscle to fatigue and then relax. This modality is great if you have muscle spasms or a hot back!


Dr. Stephanie is certified in the art of cupping! This is a modality that places silicone cups over an area of pain, and then suction is applied. This causes the top layers of the skin to raise in to the cups, increasing blood flow to the area, which brings nutrients to the injured tissue. This modality can be static (the cups stay stationary for a few minutes) or dynamic (the cups will be moved over the skin). Dynamic cupping allows for a more intense release of adhesions over the injured area and covers a larger area.  

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Dynamic taping is a biomechanical taping technique that offloads an area of stress on the body but still allows for movement. This is great for athletes and those who work out. Common complaints taping is used for: low back pain, neck pain, femoral acetabular tracking (knee pain), ankle sprains, shin splints, elbow tendonitis, and shoulder pain. 

$10 -15

Rehabilitation Exercises

Personalized Rehabilitation will be performed where we will focus on stretching tight areas and strengthening weak areas. This will speed the recovery process and ensure you feel better longer between adjustments!

$20 per session**

**Rehab sessions are booked in 15 minute increments